IPEDS - Young People

The human body has a large number of systems to maintain a balance inside it; a process called homeostasis. When that balance is upset it can sometimes have quite serious effects, either because some system is out of balance or because of the way the body reacts when trying to restore that balance. The longer that continues, the more likely it is that serious side-effects may occur.

Using IPEDs of any kind, but particularly anabolic steroids and peptides like growth hormone, upset the hormonal balance within the body. When using testosterones for instance, the body will stop producing natural testosterone when it detects large quantities in the bloodstream. It will also attempt to minimise the impact of the extra testosterone through a number of different systems; either by binding the testosterone to another chemical to prevent it acting on cells, or by converting it to different chemicals such as oestrogen. If the use of anabolic steroids (for instance) carries on for too long, then it can become difficult, if not impossible, to restart natural testosterone production and natural testicular function. This can mean a serious reduction in sperm production as well as natural testosterone levels.

The human body does not fully mature until somewhere between 22-25 years of age. Until this point, many of the systems used to balance the body are still settling down. Any disruption to those systems could, potentially, have long lasting, or even permanent, effects as they may not be fully established at that point.

If you are below the age of 18; then your body will still be growing. Your bones may still be growing and many of your natural systems will still be developing. It is not advisable to interrupt or destabilise this process as you may risk long-term damage.

You may meet or hear of people who started using IPEDs at a young age and claim to be “absolutely fine” and it may be true that they are. But without comprehensive medical checks it is impossible to be certain of that fact. Many of the more serious potential side-effects of IPED use, such as problems with your heart, may not show obvious symptoms until some time after the damage has been done.

For most males, their testosterone levels are at their peak up until their mid-twenties and are, arguably, higher than is needed.  If you take anabolic steroids at this point, then you will cause the body to shut down natural production. So in effect; you will be paying to stop your body producing high levels of natural testosterone in order to take something that may or may not be a testosterone and may or may not be contaminated with other, potentially dangerous, products. It would be far, far, better to spend that money on food and wait until your hormone levels start to drop off naturally, before even considering the use of anabolic agents. Remember; it is your diet and training that provides the results, not the drugs.